Kiggit groups for everyone


Create a group and invite your friends! Challenge them in your favorite league! You can compete for honour or include prizes.


Companies can create a group for all their employees and give our prices. Predict results of the World Cup against your colleagues and find the best predictor of the firm!


Kiggit is also a marketing platform. You can market a single competition or create a public group for all your customers and partners. Give away prices or discount codes for a target group of your choice. 



Make your predictions in your favourite leagues. Play in weekly, monthly and season-long competitions and challenge your friends.

Do you know who will win?

Predict 1X2 and correct score and collect points.

Exciting Leaderboards

Compete against your friends, colleagues, city, country and continents and win amazing prizes

More entertaining leaderboards

You can also compete against other departments, firms, fan clubs.

Beat your colleagues

Set up a group for your company and challenge your colleagues, other departments or even other company sites.

Create a group for the World Cup 2018

Find the best predictor in your firm! You will have a great atmosphere in your company with football discussions – the best small talk in the world!

Live scores and statistics

On Kiggit you are always up to date. Check live scores, line-ups and statistics and much more.

Match schedules

With our schedules you will always have the upcoming matches in your favourite leagues in mind!

Win Prices

In featured groups and competitions you can win attractive prices from our sponsors.


Boost your business! Create your own competition and give away discount codes, vouchers or other prices to the best predictors.

Push Notifications

You forgot to place your tips? No problem! We will send you a reminder in time.


You can easily invite your friends via Facebook, Email or phone contacts.

Simple Setup

Live Stats Anywhere

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Screenshot Candy

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Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

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Skills We Use

Objective-C 95%
User Interface 89%
App Design 97%
Python 90%

Team Members

Jakob Hagemann


After his academic career with stops in Copenhagen, London and India, Jakob gained valuable expertise in diverse companies within app development, data management and business development. Jakob loves sports and especially football. So with Kiggit, he can finally live his dream of being an entrepreneur.

Raphael Wittkopf

Raphael's academic background almost calls for a career in a start-up. He studied Innovation Management and lived for his studies in four different countries. The exciting thing about Kiggit is the social part for him. He manages marketing activities and business development regarding the German market.

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