1. Introduction


The rules outlined in this document apply to bets placed in the Kiggit apps (iOS, Android and web app). Upon joining Kiggit, all customers will be directed to a copy of these rules, and will acknowledge that they have read them. Also a downloadable version will be available for users to download from Kiggit’s website,



  1. General


Kiggit reserves the right to suspend any of its betting offerings, ie. markets at any time at its sole discretion. This could include suspension to undertake administrative work, to protect customers or to close markets as a result of suspicious gambling behaviour and patterns.


  1. Placing a bet


Users can place bets up to five minutes before kick-off of a given match. Users can choose from a range of matches from a list of leagues, which may be changed by Kiggit. When creating a bet slip, the user must finish the creation of a bet slip before the first match on the bet slip starts.


Users can pick winners (home – draw – away) and correct score.


Placing a bet is provided via the button “New bet” which will take the user through the bet slip creation flow. Also, users can participate in pools pushed out by Kiggit, whereby users will be presented with pre-defined bet slips with matches selected by Kiggit. An example is the Premier league Weekly bet slip, which will include 3-10 matches from the English Premier League. To participate, the user can click on the bet slip and make his/her picks and confirm participation in the bet slip.


Both the user-generated bet slips as well as the bet slips provided by Kiggit, also has a confirmation screen, so the user gets the chance to confirm participation in a bet slip.




  1. Settlement of bets


Setlement of bets will take place shortly after the last match of a bet slip has finished. The distribution of winnings will occur in the instance the bet slip is settled. Kiggit aim to settle a bet slip as soon as possible, and in accordance with the market data we rely on. This data may vary in settlement times and Kiggit do not have a set minute interval of settlement, but aim to settle bets as soon as the data allow it.


Kiggit reserves the right to reverse the settlement of any bet slip if this has been settled in error. An error is defined as either a technical or a human error.



  1. Cancellations of matches and markets


In the event of a cancellation or suspension of a match, this could be due to weather conditions, all bet slips including the specific match will not be void, but will continue, and the specific match which has been cancelled will be removed from the bet slip.


Cancellations of matches can happen in different forms like weather conditions before or during a match and spectator disturbances. A team may also be suspended from a match for a range of reasons. Kiggit do not differ between any reasoning for cancellations and suspenstions. Any event resulting in official cancellation or suspension of a given match fall under this rule.



  1. Extra time


For knock-out matches where two teams are tied after 90 minutes and go into extra time, the final score will be deemed to be the score after 90 minutes.



  1. Customer disputes & IBAS


Users can contact the support centre at or via our UK support telephone number. Users should include description of their problem which will be dealt with by a customer service officer. Each customer service ticket will be assigned a reference number, so traceability of each case is clear.


If a customer is unsatisfied with Kiggit’s handling of a dispute, they may forward this to IBAS. After an IBAS ruling, Kiggit reserves the right to reverse settlements of bets placed on the market central to the dispute. If the ruling is in the customer’s favour, Kiggit will pay the customer the difference between the outcome of the original settlement of the bet slip and the new level of settlement as stated in the IBAS recommendation.



Please note that this document outlining Kiggit’s rules will be updated on a quarterly basis as we go through our documentation and procedures on an ongoing basis. Customers will be notified if any changes in the rules will affect them.